Intotion is intuitive innovation through ideas in motion.

How to contact me, Christopher Mann

By email :
By telephone : +33 781 811 811
By snail mail : 7 place de l'Eglise - 92260 FONTENAY-AUX-ROSES
By Linked-In :
Siren : 829 128 820 00066 - APE : 7022Z

What is Intotion anyway?

Intotion is a website with a relatively short working name around my job hunt. The idea stems from the suggestion of seeking a position as CINO -- Chief Innovation Officer -- in a corporation. I use this website as a building block around ideas of intuitive innovation as necessary for business renewal in our highly competative environment.

Interview / Whitepaper Project

I am putting together a series of interviews with innovation leaders and book reviews in order to further my own work on this subject.